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In Rajasthan total 22254 habitations are quality affected (as on 1-4-15) out of which 7056 habitations are fluoride affected 13814 habitations are salinity affected.1370 are nitrate affected and 14 are iron affected. To provide potable water to these habitations is top priority of state government.

As providing water through sustainable surface sources particulary in Rajasthan is a time taking solution therefore state government has planned to give interim relief to these quality affected habinations by providing potable water through installation of community water purification plants based on Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology by treating the in-site ground water.

The scheme is being implemented in pahsed manner, where approx 1000 RO plants have been installed in 13-14 and another 1000 plants under implementation in 16-17. Orders have been issued for 1000 plants in 2017-18 for which work will commence shortly.

In order to ensure availability of potable water (value added quality water) throughout the year, PHED, Rajasthan has decided to provide Reverse Osmosis Plants at tube well based schemes having TDS/Multi quality problem in water. Treated water is to be supplied to the general public at the site of RO plant at 20 paisa per liter.

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Benefits of RO treated water

The bacteria and other microbes present in tap water multiply in our intestine and lead to health problems such as fatigue, bloating, excessive gas, diarrhea, weight loss, loss of appetite and gastrointestinal diseases. RO water purifier makes sure to eliminate all such harmful pathogens and bacteria from the drinking water.

The RO treated water is not only pure but also great in taste and smell. This is because the RO system removes about 98% of chemicals from the tap water. So you do not have to bear with the taste and smell of chlorine anymore.

With the removal of lead, mercury, chlorine, asbestos and other 2100 well known toxins, RO system significantly reduces the risk of illness and diseases.

The water that you get from RO system hydrates your body at a faster pace.

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